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Help, I don't have Irish! 

How do I support my child with online learning if I don’t speak Irish? 

Learning Cycles

Use our Departments page to see what your child is learning in class. Here you will see each department’s Learning Cycles for Key Stage 3, this will let you know what your child is learning in class throughout the year and what will be on any upcoming assessments.  

Google Classroom

Register with your child’s Google Classroom. This will ensure that you are kept informed of any missed assignments and homework. Go onto Google Classroom with your child and look at the tasks being uploaded by the teachers, textbooks are there also to support, check for any upcoming deadlines on your child’s classes. 

Parent’s Slide

Most subjects will provide a Parent’s Slide with their online assignments during periods of  home learning. This will explain what the student has to do in English, to help parents support online learning at home.  

Online Resources

 Use online dictionaries to help with terminology. Use our math dictionary to help you understand and translate mathematical terminology.  


Ask your child to explain to you what they are learning in English, research topics together online in English using sites such as the BBC. Your child is bilingual and will be able to translate this information to support their learning. If they tell you that they don’t know what they are learning at the minute, use our Learning Cycles to jog their memory!  

Review work

Check over your child’s work for basic punctuation. Punctuation is the same in English and in Irish. Look out for full stops, paragraphs, capital letters etc.    

Additional Reading

Encourage your child to read in English and in Irish. Check out our online Irish library to support your child with their Irish reading.

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